Motion Graphics and Compositing


Motion Graphic and Compositing (4 Weeks, 3hrs/Class, 3 Classes/Week)

Motion Graphics are animated graphics or video footage designed to be used for communication. Overtime they have evolved into not only being communication devices but also simply an avenue to create short animated works of art. Motion Graphics are usually shorter than an animated movie and less character focused. However, as time goes on the gray area between these two fields continues to broaden. Mograph is sometimes a shorthand term for motion graphics, however, it is also a tool set in CINEMA 4D that is used in the making of motion graphics.Mograph & Motion Graphics or Motion Graphic

If you’re new to the world of motion graphics one of the best ways to get up and running is to become familiar with some terminology you’ll likely encounter on your journey to becoming a great motion designer. Use this list to jump-start your motion graphics vocabulary or as a reference guide for terms that need a quick refresh in your mind.
2D, 2.5D, & 3D

These 3 topics refer to the different types of space that an image or object can occupy. With 2D images, there ‘s simply a flat image with no visible depth. With 2.5D images, there is now a 3D space available that the image can be placed within. However, the image still appears flat, as if on a card. Think of a diorama styled image. With a 3D image the object has been created in 3D space with full three dimensional capabilities and the ability to orbit the object without seeing a paper-thin edge as with 2.5D images.

Motion Graphics Artist vs. Motion Graphics Designer

A motion graphics artist and a motion graphics designer are both people who create motion graphics. In practice there’s not a very big difference between an MGA and an MGD. You may find however that MGDs dislike being referred to as MGAs. The reason for this is that the word design has a more thoughtful and premeditated connotation than the word art. Therefore some MGDs, especially formally trained ones, may be offended when referred to as an artist rather than a designer.

4 Weeks, 3hrs/Class, 3 Classes/Week